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Pique-nique day around marmottes.

A family day whit the sole purpose of discovering the great mountain fauna.

We will also take the time to discover them in their biology and the rhythm of life i arrive.. Between chamois and mountain birds, you will come back with your own photos - taken with simple smart phone. Then we will enjoy a long picnic surrounded by the famous marmot.


Let yourself be guided between philosophy and well-being .... to recharge your batteries and refocus on the living world that surrounds us .... Go with Roxane (Destination massage) for a pleasant session of Do-Ing (self-massage) followed by an instinctive walk. Then take the time to discover the wild nature through taste, flavor and natural surprises. All your senses will be awake !!!

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This small hike (600 m D +) around the tip of Chalune, will take you to the discovery of several atmospheres and many landscapes. Indeed, this ride oscillates between Mt Blanc & Lake Geneva rich in discoveries and off the beaten track. It will allow you to appreciate the discovery of the big fauna and to observe the floral richness of our mountains. For the picnic, we will enjoy a valley suspended just for us.


Head up to immerse yourself in the world of birds. These little beings are sometimes able to make thousands of miles to come enrich our mountains for a summer !! Come discover through our telescopes this world and this unknown diversity. Indeed this tool allows to really see them as ever. We will also take the time to talk about their lives and their strategies.

Leave for a sunset facing Mont Blanc. A small ride put in leg to discover the pastures and their inhabitants. Then we will observe chamois and all the surprises that can come out of the woods around. With a little hot drink we will enjoy the sunset together!

Go on a ride to glean and enjoy the little surprises that nature has in store for you. After a picking in immersion we will taste various preparations, wild plants, culinary and many other surprises to discover !!!

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Let's follow in the footsteps of this iconic and mysterious animal, true builder of our rivers. Following its extermination for obscure drawings, it has been reintroduced and recolonized for our greatest pleasure most rivers of France. Let's explore its environment, its traces and its action on our environment.


With the help of observation material, come to meet and photograph these kings of survival !! ..... marmots, chamois, ibex and many others who brave this hostile nature with ever more effective strategies to face the montages. In day or half-day according to your expectations, let's go to meet them.

A day to take the time to climb [more or less ...] ... to really immerse yourself in the natural environment, enjoy a good meal in the open air and observe this life that surrounds us. Many courses are possible. Depending on your requests we will go more or less in the effort and the difficulty ... so that it always remains a moment of pleasure.

A real hike of nearly 1000 meters of elevation, will bring us to small hidden lakes. Indeed the lakes of Laouchets are very wild and to access we will walk between a magnificent view of Mont Blanc and the Desert de Platé. In the nature reserve, we will have time to take the time to observe and discover the richness and diversity of it. The ibex master of these places of altitude will accompany us along this course.

      PRICE :

½ Day adult: 25 €  ½ Day kid: 20 €

 1 Day adult : 35 €  1 Day kid : 30 €

For the '' 5 senses'' half day

adult 35€ /kid 30€

Groups are limited at 12 peoples to assure the quality of the trip. Price include : observation material and the transports in the limit of the available place. Routes are adjustable regarding  the weather. 

Lundi: 9h/16h: Pique-nique avec les marmottes.
Mardi: 8h/11h30: Observation des oiseaux.
Mardi: 13h45/17h: Plantes culinaires.
Mercredi: 9h/16h: Les 4 cols de Chalune.
Mercredi: 18h/21h30: Sunset et chamois.
Jeudi: 9h/12h: Atelier des 5 sens.
Jeudi: 13h45/17h: Découverte de la réserve naturelle.
Vendredi: 8h/16h30: Adopte un lac.
Les Samedi et dimanche c'est freestyle, c'est selon vos envies
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